We are the suppliers of Incinerator Shredder. These Shredders are used to do the shredding of bio-medical waste in the shapes of Bottles, Sheets and Tubes. Also iv Tubes, Bottles, Catheters etc., from Hospitals Containers for Liquid Storage, Card Board and Paper. Our Incinerator Shredder found with Corrosion resistance, high reliability and we designed our products with expert quality professional.
  • Blade With Both Sided Cutting Edge
  • Heavy Structural Body
  • Drive Motor With Safe Guard
  • Blade MOC Carbon Steel with heat Treatment
  • Easy Cleaning System
  • Inter Chargeable Blade Edge Use System
  • Shaft diameter: 210 mm
  • Speed: 85 rpm
  • Feeding mouth: 600*500 mm2
  • Capacity: 400-500 Kg/hr

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